"Please Tell Me"

            It was quite a process completing my newest song “Please Tell Me.” Since spending the last few years in school I’ve been much less involved in my own creative process. Before then I was much more active in music making through writing, recording, and performing songs in the Folk/Americana category. This pursuit was a conscious effort to refine my musical skills and identity; and by using the simplest means possible, I sought to get to the heart of what makes a composition creative and engaging.

            I have recently finished graduate level music therapy studies and am now hoping to become as involved in my own music making as I’ve been in the past. But now I’m shifting my creative focus and craft to more unchartered territory. At first I was met in this effort with a lot of creative resistance, attempting to define for myself the sound and nature of what my new musical creations would sound like. I knew I was seeking fuller arrangements and becoming less attached to the notion that a live show should replicate, at least for the most part, what an artist sounds like on a record. For quite a while now too I’ve been inspired to incorporate more electronic elements into my music. Long story short, I’m having a lot of fun and doing just that.

            “Please Tell Me” was written and produced according to the fulfillment of this vision. I am responsible for the words and music as well as having played all but one instrument, as well as production and programming. My good friend Matt Sheridan of San Diego’s The Modlins https://themodlins.bandcamp.com/ mixed the track and helped with production as well. And my longtime friend and mentor, engineer and producer Bryce Miller oversaw the production process, providing valuable insight.

            As for the recording of “Please Tell Me” I think you’ll find elements of hip-hop, alternative, and tastefully inspired pop from the yesteryear. My basic influences apply, but the production elements as a whole are much more planned and developed than my work from previous albums. I’ve embraced electricity. As well I’m becoming more autonomous in the creative process. Thank you for letting my music into your life. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Peace and Love. - Robert

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