Robert Rossi

Robert Michael Rossi is an independent music artist, writer, and aspiring music therapist representing the Bronx, NYC. He has a high tenor range and considers himself primarily a melodist, but has proficiency on various instruments.


Since beginning his career in earnest in NYC, Robert has played many of the famed and well-respected rooms throughout the music scene, including record release dates at The Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall respectively. His music is available through major music distributors, on Rossi’s independent label, Magic Flight Records.


Robert champions his role as an independent artist and constantly challenges himself to learn about a wide variety of music. His newest musical creations have become more embracing of electronic mediums, while maintaining the integrity of and appreciation for the difference between recorded music and live performance. He values social causes and awareness in art (like cancer awareness with his third record Weathervane), and believes strongly in here-and-now authenticity as a source and conduit of musical experience. Art in his view is a shared experience that can only function in virtue of this sharing. Contact